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At Learn Tree we help busy parents by enhancing their child's learning during after school care so that you can enjoy quality time with your child after work. 

Club Venue: Surbiton New Life Baptist Church, KT6 6LN

Club Times: Monday - Wednesdays (Pick up to 6pm)

Opening Thursdays in September 2024! 

  • Are you too tired to help your child with homework after work?

  • Do you get frustrated that after school care hours are unproductive?

  • Do you want more than just a babysitting service?

  • Are you looking for a calm setting where your child can learn, play and relax?

Here is how we help you

  • We provide a calm environment for your child to learn, play and unwind from the school day.

  • We help your child with homework and any specific areas of learning required in Maths and English. 

  • We designate time for free play with educational toys and games. 

  • We provide a light meal and snacks 

  • We pick your child up from selected schools in Surbiton

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