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After school and Holiday programme

Considering the number of hours that a child could potentially spend in after school care (up to 15 hours a week), we think it is important that in this time they are able to rest, play and learn! Parents that use after school clubs want to know their children are safe and happy after school but also that some valuable time is spent supporting their child's learning. 30 mins to an hour spent practising numeracy, literacy, and learning facts about the world they live in, all add up immensely to the development of a child.

Why We Do it!

As a qualified teacher of A level Economics and mum of two little boys, starting Learn Tree was me combining my desire to see kids genuinely enjoy learning, with the need to see this happen during the valuable hours spent in after school clubs.

Like many other parents, I had to have my child in wrap-round care between 2 and 4 days a week. This left very little time to spend together on weekdays and so fitting in homework was nearly impossible. I heard similar comments from other parents: 


“After a long day at work, as much as I’d like to sit and go through homework or help with numeracy or phonics, we both are much too tired...and we have to start all over again the next day. It would be...


What we do
What Parents want from an ASC

"My child spends about 8hrs a week at ASC mostly playing games. Whilst he loves his time there, it still falls on me to find another time to go over homework with him. If I knew that 30mins or an hour a week was consistently spent helping him I would be immensely grateful for this".

Parent comment in response to survey

What We Do


At Learn Tree, our aim is to provide an engaging environment where children can develop their love of learning.

Our carefully designed After School and Holiday programmes focus on learning through engaging in fun activities, helping children develop skills that enable them to become life-long learners.

We follow the National Curriculum for Numeracy and Literacy, and enhance their learning with Financial awareness and World knowledge. The nature of our programmes means that children also develop these soft skills:

Seeing children grow in these skills whilst having fun is integral to what we do

We are all born with a natural curiosity, an innate desire to learn, but along the way this passion dwindles if it is not nurtured. Purpose, future benefits and current enjoyment motivate us to learn and these are key components in Learn Tree activities. 

Soft skills
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