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What we do

What We Do

At Learn Tree, our aim is to provide an engaging environment where children can develop their love of learning.

Our carefully designed After School programme focus on learning through engaging in fun activities, helping children develop skills that enable them to become life-long learners.

LearnTree Session: 

3.00pm - Pick up from St Matthew's and Limetree 

3.30-3.45pm - Light meal 

4.00pm - Learning Begins! 

5.00pm - Activities, Educational Play, and Circle Time

6.00pm - Pick up by Parents 

We are all born with a natural curiosity, an innate desire to learn, but along the way this passion dwindles if it is not nurtured. Purpose, future benefits and current enjoyment motivate us to learn and these are key components in Learn Tree activities. 

What Parents want from an ASC

"My child spends about 8hrs a week at ASC mostly playing games. Whilst he loves his time there, it still falls on me to find another time to go over homework with him. If I knew that 30mins or an hour a week was consistently spent helping him I would be immensely grateful for this".

Parent comment in response to survey

Soft skills
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