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45 worksheets

Catch up on missed learning. Assess your child's understanding of each Maths topic. Prepare for SATs and 7+ exams


Highlighters and 12 different stickers designed to encourage excellent learning habits. Available if required

Support for Parents

tips and videos to help you raise successful learners and help your child with maths. Follow us on Instagram

Our worksheets are carefully designed to:

  • Cover all maths topics on each sheet

  • Ensure a strong understanding of ALL key stage 1 topics

  • Adequately prepare them for Sats and 7+

  • Encourage regular practise (3 to 4 sheets a week)

  • Build confidence through repetition

  • Enable children correct themselves by applying knowledge from similar questions

  • Challenge children as the questions get progressively harder

We also had busy parents in mind. We want you to feel supported so we will be on hand with tips on how to raise successful learners and how to help your children with maths concepts. Follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook group for tips, videos, advice and support

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Can't wait to get your copy? Request a free sample below!

Year 2 Maths

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Year 3 Maths

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