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Why I started LEARNTREE

As a qualified teacher of A level Economics and mum of two little boys, starting Learn Tree was me combining my desire to see kids genuinely enjoy learning, with the need to see this happen during the valuable hours spent in after school clubs.

Like many other parents, I had to have my child in wrap-round care between 2 and 4 days a week. This left very little time to spend together on weekdays and so fitting in homework was not always easy. I heard similar comments from other parents: 

“After a long day at work, as much as I’d like to sit and go through homework or help with numeracy or phonics, we both are much too tired...and we have to start all over again the next day. It would be nice to know that someone qualified had spent a little time with her after school to cover some basics. It would stop me feeling guilty for not being able to do it".

And another...“My child spends about 8hrs a week at ASC mostly playing games. Whilst he loves his time there, it still falls on me to find another time to go over homework with him. If I knew that 30mins or an hour a week was consistently spent helping him I would be immensely grateful for this.

One more...“My daughter is in school from 7.45 to 6pm, I want to make time with me when I pick her up about fun and cuddling not going over work. Any help with this would be great and I can do my bit at the weekend if necessary.

I felt much the same way with my two boys and so I thought, wouldn’t it be great to provide an after school club where children can learn and develop these core skills through play. Where they are guided and supported in their learning. They are given the freedom to engage in what is being discussed or the activity being played at their own pace. They are praised and encouraged accordingly. Parents are aware of how their time has been spent. There is progress being made academically and their knowledge of the world is increasing. All because of a change of environment and carefully designed activities that focus on developing these skills! I loved the idea and I hope you do too!!!

Ebiere is the main Teacher at Learn Tree. She has an MA in Educational Leadership and Management and a BSc in Business Economics and Finance. She has taught in the Independent sector for 12 years and tutored privately throughout this time. Ebiere wants to spread her love of learning to young children

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